SHEMERA: Euro-Mediterranean research cooperation on gender and science, SHE Euro-Mediterranean Research Area

The main aim of the project is to document the policies and the scientific activities in the area of gender equality in research, as well as to collect and analyse statistical data for the entry and continued presence of women in research in the countries of the Mediterranean [Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Libya, Jordan, Morocco, Palestine, Syria and Tunisia]. A further purpose of the project is to make the relevant results available to the scientific community and to those responsible for policy making, via an online database and the project activities.

2011 to 2014
European Commission [DG Research and Innovation]
Subject Category
Socio-Economic Sciences and The Humanities, Gender Equality
EKT Role
A database with bibliography on gender equality in research in the Mediterranean countries - Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Libya, Jordan, Morocco, Palestine, Syria and Tunisia -Studies and Indicators, Dissemination of results for the research community, policy makers and the general public.