Open Data creates added value in the knowledge and innovation chain

Open and reusable information is the basic condition for participation and growth in the knowledge society. An essential condition for the creation of a sustainable environment with exploitable information is the existence of electronic infrastructure which supports production, documentation, interconnection, preservation, availability and reuse.

We play a central role in the ecology of reusable knowledge, horizontally and at national level, with digital content infrastructure for research, education and culture. Funded by Structural Funds and European projects, wet develop actions for reuse of digital content, in compliance with the Digital Agenda 2020 and the EU's Horizon 2020 programme, as well as European policies supporting open information and the use of open standards. Via a series of initiatives which interconnect, document, preserve and enhance Greek scientific and cultural content, we affirm and strengthen our role as the national infrastructure for quality digital content.

We rely on our highly qualified personnel and  advanced technology for the development of digital content infrastructure for research, education and culture in the country.  

Open strategy-key points

  • accumulation and open availability of scientific and cultural content and data via e-repositories and e-open access publications (NISRT, SaaS, OpenABEKT, OpenArchives)
  • support and co-ordination of policies for open access content and data on a national and European level (MEDOANET, RECODE, PASTEUR40A)
  • promotion of reusable public sector information, open licences and their standardisation on a European level (LAPSI2.0) 
  • systematic documentation of intellectual property rights enabling open availabity (SaaS, NISRT)
  • interconnection of research and technology with innovation and entrepreneurship (Enterprise Europe Network-Hellas, National Contact Point Horizon 2020, OECD Library)
  • raising awareness of open access to scientific and public information and its reuse, open data, content and software (NISRT, SaaS, Creativity, LAPSI 2.0, OPENAIRE, MEDOANET)
  • use of open standards and technology, aiming at interoperability and sustainability of infrastructure and organisation

Research strengthening entrepreneurship and innovation is promoted through activities which allow interconnection, and reuse of knowledge.