Europeana Common Culture

"Europeana Common Culture" aims to support the role of the national aggregators for Europeana and to widen access to the collections of European Memory and Culture Organizations. It is coordinated by the Europeana Foundation and 24 providers / national aggregators from Europe are involved. It aims to increase Open Access content in the European digital library, semantically improve its content, co-operate with national aggregators, harmonize network policies, technologies and infrastructures, and disseminate the work of Europeana as a whole. EKT participates as a National Aggregator with

2019 to 2020
European Commission
Subject Category
EKT Role
National Aggregator
Result will deliver even more enriched and open Greek content to Europea. Especially with regard to the licensing, the project will increase the content offered with open Creative Commons licenses by at least 300,000 records.