Knowledge and Partnership Bridges

The objective of the initiative is to bring high quality human capital of the country together and to create collaboration links between them. This networking of Greeks can strengthen the growth prospects of the country and ensure that participating Greeks become part of a joint endeavour. As part of this effort, the country’s scientific personnel living abroad can have a direct active role in the transformation of the Greek economy, forming nodes of productive and innovative international centres.

2017 to 2020
The platform, designed to meet the aforementioned objectives, operates on three pillars: 1. the networking and subsequent partnerships through the creation of a global network of Greek scientists, professionals and entrepreneurs, 2. updates on funding opportunities in Greece and 3. the mapping of highly skilled Greeks who live and work abroad. The above pillars are intended to run simultaneously so as to provide reliable comprehensive updates on funding and scholarships, data for Greeks in Greece and those abroad so that they can implement or boost their existing activities, and, through their registration on the platform, further enhance their search activity for new contacts and partnerships with multi-level benefits.