INNO-4-AGRIFOOD aims to deliver a new generation of innovation support services that will assist European SMEs across the vast Agri-food ecosystem to create value from on-line collaboration for innovation, access a broader range of potential innovation partners beyond their national and sectoral borders and mobilise them to seize opportunities to launch concrete innovation projects.

Innovation support intermediaries will be trained to deliver services that have been developed by the project to respond to the diverse needs of agri-food SMEs. The project  has also developed a set of e-learning modules to help innovation intermediaries in the agrifood domain to improve their knowledge of the sector and so help them to offer more value-added services to their clients.

2016 έως 2018
Φορέας Χρηματοδότησης
Horizon 2020
Θεματικό Πεδίο
Αγροτικός Τομέας
Ρόλος ΕΚΤ
Partner. A survey of SMEs in the Agri-food ecosystem to determine their innovation needs, a survey of innovation support intermediaries to determine their skills needs, development of e-learning courses for Agri-food innovation intermediaries, development of on-line collaboration services and a search engine specifically for the agri-food domain, etc.
Analyse the agri-food value chain and the needs of INNO-4-AGRIFOOD end users including: (i) Agri-food SMEs and (ii) innovation intermediaries, develop, test and validate a new generation of platform-independent services and tools to be provided by innovation support specialists to agri-food SMEs, to help SMEs of the agri-food sector that are typically not yet benefiting enough from existing innovation support, develop, test and validate an e-training course for the staff of well-established networks and SME agencies (EEN Network, IMP3rove Academy), raise awareness of, and disseminate, the project outputs as widely as possible.